Monique Duclos

St.-Isidore, New Brunswick

After apprenticing with other potters in Quebec and Alberta, Monique Duclos dreamt of becoming a professional potter herself.  She took a brave step and opened her first studio in St.-Isidore, New Brunswick in 1984. With a continued hunger to learn, she continued to hone her skills and grow as an artist through various specialized classes at the Art College of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick. In 1990, she expanded and built a new studio/boutique in St.-Isidore. 

Monique's interest is in transforming clay into functional and decorative pieces. She throws her pieces on the potter's wheel and then fires them in the kiln. The pieces are then adorned with beautiful glazes and fired a second time.

 A word from Monique...

 "Welcome in to the world of earth and fire…The forms and colours of my pottery are translations of my imagination. My glazes are the result of much hard work and research. To be an artist is to be passionate. It is my wish to share this passion with others through my work."

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