Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Co.

100% Natural Artisanal Soaps $8.95 each Pictured: Summer Meadow (top) Orange Bitters (left) and Mountain Mist

Product Description

Londonderry, Nova Scotia

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company believes that luxury and simplicity make a great pair. We are committed to using only the finest quality natural ingredients in all of our soaps and spa treatment products.

About our soaps... Our authentic soap recipes are made with pure essential oils that are blended for aromatherapy benefits and glorious natural scents inspired by the East Coast's exhilarating seashores, fragrant fir tree forests, and open sunny meadows of wild roses. We mix the soap using traditional hand-stirred methods. Then we cut and stamp the bars and cure them for 4-6 weeks so they are gentle and long lasting."

Each Scent has a name with a connection to Nova Scotia and Pearl and Daisy themselves.  Below we have listed each scent name and what makes them unique.

Beach Glass: A mixture of Lime and Basil scented oils to remind us of sea-faring adventurers of long ago

Gift From the Sea: Invigorating scents of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils are used to boost feelings of metal clarity and fortitude. Just like a visit to the seashore

Highland: The Lavendar essential oils in this soap are a tribute to the bundles of lavendar that came ashore with the first Europeans, a fragrant reminder of home.

Mountian Mist: Balsam fir, Thyme, Bay and Sage essential oils mix together beautifully to inspire thoughts of the morning mist settling in coastal valleys.

Orange Bitters: This fragrant blend of Citrus and Vetiver essential oils is a tribute to the traveling sales men that sold "medicinal bitters" when Pearl and Daisy were young.

Veranda: This mix of Lemon Verbena and Sweet White Thyme essential oils is a tribute to summer afternoons spent in the shade of painted porches.

Summer Meadow: Wild rose and Lavender essential oils are mixed in this tribute to the wild roses that thrive in sunny coastal meadows.

Snuggle Bunny: Roman Chamomile oil and Lavender mix together to make a soothing scent.  Perfect for cleansing sensitive or delicate skin.  Great for babies

Sand Dollar: Vanilla and Sandalwood essential oils are perfect aromatherapy to help enhance feelings of comfort and harmony.

Note: Pearl & Daisy makes 9 gorgeous scents. We carry a variety of them, which may change depending on the time of year. However all 9 are available! If there is scent or product you are looking for that we don't have at the moment, just ask and we'll get it for you in a jiffy! 

Artist: Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Co.

The original Pearl and Daisy were two sisters who lived in the Cobequid mountains of northern Nova Scotia in the early 1900s.