Island Stoneware

Summerside, PEI

Island Stoneware is owned and operated by Randy Perry and Jamie Niessen.  These two business professionals are also aspiring potters that manage a talented team of artisans in pottery production.  This team creates all of their pottery by hand, taking great care in making each line special.  All of the pottery they make is Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher safe

"The heart of our studio is the design of our products.  As pround Islanders, our collections draw inspiration from the landscape and heritage of our home. From the red sandstone cliffs and the rolling pastures to the breaking waves of blue, our natural environment is a never-ending source of wonder."

"Keeping a small carbon footprint: Island Stoneware goes through tonnes of clay per year, and since every piece is handcrafted, there is waste.  However, 100% of pre-fired clay waste resulting from production is recycled for reuse. Prince Edward Island generates 50% of our power requirements from wind and all Island Stonewarekilns are pwered by electricity."

Products By This Artist