Muse in Me

Stratford, PEI

"Muses are Mythological fugures who inspire the creation of the arts.  They scatter sprinkles into the air and every piece flies through the artisans' hearts and ignite flames there...When I turn on my torch, my heart fills with passion, I feel the sprinkles of inspiration.  Glass meets with the flame and the story begins..."

Ayse Kayisoglu has had the pleasure of working with many glass artisans from around the world.  When she met glass for the first time, she was told by a local glass master, that she would either love it or hate it. After only a few minutes she was sure she had found her passion.  Since then she has worked with glass artisans in the UK, as well as a Persian artist working out of California, who introduced her to working with special silver glasses.  Her lamp working experience began with Tom Gailbraith, from Milwaukee, WI.  Since then she has used all of her experience and inpiration to create beautiful beadwork of depth and colour.  Her beads almost shine with their own inner light.  Each one a mini work of art.

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