Nancy Postma

Nancy Postma has been with us since the day Jennifer's opened its doors back in 1978! But how did she get her start? Nancy actually started her career life out by being a Home Economics teacher. In the 1970's she was teaching at Hants West High School when the opportunity came up for her to teach a potting class. She accepted and fell in love with the art of potting right away. She developed such a passion for it that she began potting at home in her spare time as well. Before long it became apparent that this was what she was meant to do. After much thought, she made the scary decision to stop teaching and take on potting full time. It was the best decision she could have made. Jennifer's of Nova Scotia is proud to say that we were one of her first clients when she first began and it's been a match made in Heaven ever since. We have loved working with Nancy over the years and watching her grow into the accomplished artist she is today.

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