Plum and Posey

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Plum and Posey is the handcrafted jewellery by designer Adrinna Hardy.

Adrinna Hardy was born hungry for adventure. As soon as she could, she boarded a plane that took her from her native Canada to Europe, where she stayed for a decade, eager for every experience life could throw at her.

Somewhere along the way, she developed an unquenchable thirst for art and history. She contentedly spent her days in the great museums, galleries and antique markets that were around virtually every corner. It was on such an outing that she came across her first wax seals. Drawn to their symbolism and meaning, she quickly realized that each seal was also a miniature work of art in its own right.

This love affair birthed a collection of many thousands of rare and antique seals that Adrinna now proudly displays in her studio.

While traveling in Northern Thailand on a whim, Adrinna took the opportunity to train with a master goldsmith. It was at the intersection of these two passions – collecting wax seals and jewelry – that Adrinna found her life’s work, and the inspiration to found Plum and Posey.

"From my studio on Canada's beautiful east-coast, I offer my collection of Jewellery, lovingly handcrafted from my large personal collection of antique wax seals.  Some of which date back to medieval times."

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