Sea Glass Designs

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A word from the artist...

"Hi, I’m Rita Laidlaw, and I’ve been gathering sea glass since I was a small girl growing up in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  There’s nothing more soothing than strolling the beaches, keeping an eye out for that little splash of colour among the rocks and sand.  It’s an addiction, although I like to think a healthy one, shared by my husband, children and parents- keen sea glass hunters every one."

 Rita Laidlaw's earth friendly, organic style jewelry is designed with sterling silver and natural sea glass, a true collaboration between man and nature.  She uses only genuine sea glass, hand picked from the shores of the Atlantic and beautiful beaches worldwide.

What is Sea Glass?

Sea Glass is a piece of glass, pottery, or china that has been tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand, and washed up on the shore a jewel, waiting to be found by a lucky passerby.  Each piece of glass has its own story of how it came to be in the sea. The very nature of sea glass means that every piece of jewelry is an original.

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