The Soap Company of Nova Scotia

Sherbrooke, Nova Scoita

Leigh McFarlane began The Soap Company of Nova Scotia in 2013,  but her creative process began much earlier in the 90's when she began making laundry powder for herself.  Her knowlegde and skills have only grown since then and she is constanly learning and expanding her product lines.  Leigh takes great care with her soap products.  She uses only soft water from a spring on the property since it is better for soap production. All of her products are made in small hands-on batches to insure quality.  Right now Leigh is takes care of most of the production, but she does have a small staff to help her out.  Her mom is also a big help from the background.  Her ultimate goal is to expand her business and create more jobs in rural Nova Scotia.


"We're in the business of helping others feel content naturally and simply . . . one handcrafted, small-batch product at a time" 

Products By This Artist