Acadian Chicken Fricot Soup | Farmer John's Herbs

Acadian Chicken Fricot is chicken soup with a dumpling and large amounts of the secret ingredient... Summer Savory! Extremely popular on the French shore of New Brunswick. 

- 32 grams

- No MSG

- Gluten Free


Made in Canning, Nova Scotia

Acadian Chicken Fricot Soup | Farmer John's Herbs

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  • In the beautiful Annapollis Valley of Nova Scotia, Farmer John and his family grow their summer savory and use it to create the flavors of the Maritimes in their spice mixtures.

    "Our farm philosophy is to produce what we believe to be the worlds finest summer savory and use it to create great food products! We believe that in doing this we are serving our neighbours and God. We are committed to helping our neighbours and have done so in our own community, and abroad by assisting Farmers Helping Farmers' efforts in Kenya."