Blonde Floral Flower Press | Oake Living

Everything you need for pressing your very own flowers and foliage! Pressing kit includes instructions on how to press your natural treasures. 

Handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Each press is made from birch plywood, screen printed with acrylic screen ink and finished with polyurethane. 


Available in Two Sizes:

-Small | 5x5"

-Large | 7x7"

Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Blonde Floral Flower Press | Oake Living

  • "My name is Tamara, and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As an interior designer and textile artist by trade, I repeatedly return to nature for my inspiration.

    I created Oake Living in 2016 to reconnect people with their surroundings by thoughtfully bringing the environment into our everyday lives. I am always on a journey of discovery, finding new ways to experiment with natural dyes, textiles, foliage, and flowers. "