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Bloom Botanical Bath Bomb | Wildwood Creek


Elevate your bath experience with this delightful, super moisturizing, fizzing, floral bath experience packed into one mighty bomb. Powered by super moisturizing avocado oil and nourishing rosehip oil infused with the delicate scents of wildflowers and honeysuckle.

-255 g



Rosehip Oil:  Full of vitamins and antioxidants to help rejuvenate 

Glacial Clay:  A natural mineral that stimulates renewal and promotes clarity

Orange Blossom:  Promotes relaxation and feelings of happiness while soothing the skin and warming and uplifting the soul 


How to Use: Gently place bomb into warm bath water and enjoy the fizz for a minute or more while it releases its moisturising botanical goodness. Store in a cool, dry place. 


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Potassium Bitartrate, Avocado Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Witch Hazel Floral Water*, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oil + Natural Fragrance Blend, Field Grown + Wildcrafted Wildflowers*,

*Organic / Field Grown and/or Wildcrafted


Made in Clementsport, Nova Scotia 

Bloom Botanical Bath Bomb | Wildwood Creek

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  • Tucked away in rural Nova Scotia, Wildwood Creek offers a unique backdrop of mountains, forest and ocean, rows of lavender, botanicals and wildflowers all surrounding our large century barn, old milk house and outbuilding. Here is where owners Tamara and Sean McKaig expertly handcraft in small batches their unique line of plant- based home and body products.


    "At Wildwood Creek, we believe in the power of nature. Using organic farming methods, we grow, hand-harvest, dry and distill farm grown botanicals and combine them with ethically wildharvested and sustainably sourced organic ingredients to create all- natural and sustainable products. To show our commitment to being good stewards of the planet, for every product purchased, we will donate 1% to environmental initiatives to help preserve and expand wild spaces."

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