Candied Blueberry Sweet+ Hot Sauce | Maritime Madness

Candied peppers, and PEI blueberries are amazing, and we've captured the taste in a convenient squeeze bottle. Try it on wings, chicken, ribs, ice cream and more. Add it to your lemonade, or cocktail for an unforgettable drink!

-Soy, Dairy, & Gluten Free



Heat Level: 4


Ingredients: sugar, jalapenos, blueberries, apple cider vinegar, spices, salt, hops, xanthan gum


Made in Cardigan, Prince Edward Island

Candied Blueberry Sweet+ Hot Sauce | Maritime Madness

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  • Martime Madness (Amiel's Island Fire) is a family owned business that takes pride in making it's gourmet hot sauces.

    Even though you can't grow everything in PEI's climate, they grow as many ingredients as they can. Between the greenhouse and the standard vegetable patch, they grow between 800-1200 pepper plants every year, including Cayennes, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeños, Banana and Ghost peppers.


    They make their sauces in small batches to insure freshness and quality. Spicy and unique sauces are created in PEI's "Hot sauce Microbrewery" Using fresh peppers, garlic, vinegars and a variety of other tasty ingredients Maritime Madness' produces a wide range of gourmet hot sauces. From tangy to scorching, there is one for everybody!