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Wick Trimmer | Circle & Wick Candle Co.

This snuffer will safely extinguish your flame and preserve the quality of your candle. This sturdy and elegant snuffer will compliment any candle collection!

- Works for cotton and wooden wicks. 

- Availble in gold or black


How to use: 

Gently hover your snuffer over the flame until it is extinguished.  


Designed in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Candle Snuffer | Circle & Wick Candle Co.

  • Circle & Wick Candle Company was established in November 2018 when Brittany and Courtney sparked interest in starting a project in their spare time. The line was created with their original scents - Morning Light, Lavender & Sage and Forest in January 2019 after testing scents that exceeded their high expectations. This best friend duo had a goal in mind to create a sustainable product that aligns with their minimalist design in mind. 

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