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"Heathcliff" The Nova Scotian Seagull | Pufferbellies

Carved with love and passion by the ever talented Kathi Petersen. No two are ever the same!


"Two seagulls, Heathcliff and Gertrude, are flying along when all of the sudden an airplane goes whizzing by .

Gertrude says to Heathcliff, €œGood heavens! Did you see how fast that bird was going? €

Heathcliff says, €œSo what? If your tail feathers were on fire, you’d be going that fast too! €" Red Skelton


Made in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


"Heathcliff" The Nova Scotian Seagull | Pufferbellies

SKU: 4489
  • Kathi Petersen has been carving since her dad taught her as a child. Her love grew into the amazing Pufferbellies works she creates today.  

    "Each Pufferbellies item is drawn, cut out, carved by hand with knives, sanded and painted by me. And I love making every single piece! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this for a living!!". 

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