Chowders and Soups: 50 Recipes for the Home Chef | Nimbus Publishing

Author: Liz Feltham   

Photographer: Scott Munn

-Format: Paperback

-Pages: 82


Book Synopsis:

Soups can comfort you when you’re sick, tickle your taste buds at the start of a meal, and envelop you with warmth on a winter’s day. Soup can be simple and rustic, or elegant and complex. And each culture’s cuisine has a soup that is instantly identifiable. In the Maritimes, that soup is chowder.

Chowders and Soups is a collection of over 50 recipes accompanied by appetizing colour photos. The book includes recipes for classic seafood chowder, but also lobster, shrimp, crab, and clam versions. Fabulous soup recipes like roast garlic and potato, cream of asparagus and fiddlehead, and even strawberry and cracked black pepper are sure to delight those looking to prepare something unique.

Includes an appendix of common soup stocks and an ingredient index.


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Chowders and Soups: 50 Recipes for the Home Chef | Nimbus Publishing

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  • Liz Feltham served as the restaurant critic at Halifax’s the Coast weekly newspaper for nearly a decade. She specializes in culinary writing, having been certified as a journeyperson chef and having worked in kitchens from Whitehorse to St. John's. She is a contributor to a number of magazines and has authored several cookbooks, including Chowders and Soups, Fabulous Fishcakes, and Halifax Tastes.