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Counting in Mi’kmaw / Mawkiljemk Mi’kmawiktuk | Nimbus Publishing

Author: Loretta Gould

-Format: Board Book

-Pages: 12


Book Synopsis:

One is Ne’wt, for one bear. Two is Ta’pu, for two women making offerings. Counting from one to ten in English and Mi’kmaw, baby is introduced to both the ancestral language of Mi’kmaki and to Mi’kmaw culture and legend, through beautifully rendered illustrations of important animals, like turtle, bear, and beaver, to concepts integral to the Mi’kmaw world view, like the Four (Ne’w) Directions, and the Seven (L’luiknek) Mi’kmaw teachings. Features bright and detailed illustrations from celebrated Waycobah-based Mi’kmaw illustrator, Loretta Gould.



Nimbus Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.

Counting in Mi’kmaw / Mawkiljemk Mi’kmawiktuk | Nimbus Publishing

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  • Loretta Gould is a Mi'kmaw quilter and painter who loves bright, beautiful colours. A self-taught artist, she grew up in Waycobah First Nation where she later raised five children of her own. She began making a living through her art quilts but, when her sewing machine broke in 2013, she decided to try her hand at painting. She's been painting ever since. Loretta's dream is to share her art with the world. For her, art is a way to get her spiritual feelings on canvas.

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