Favourite To Win Medium Roast Coffee | Sunday Silence Coffee Co.

-Whole Bean



What Sunday Silence Says About this Roast:

"Favourite to Win brings together two of our most favourite and outstanding original in one roast. "


Combining Columbian Fair Trade Organic and Coastal Rica Terrazu SHB in one medium roast creates and explosion of flavour that showcases wonderful floral aromas with noted of toffee and apple with a nice bright sweetness and juicy body. Both of these coffees are high altitude with a reputation for picking onto the most perfectly ripe cherries. 


Roast: Medium 

Tasting Notes: Toffee + Apple+ Floral

Region: Columbian Fair Trade Organic and Coastal Rica Terrazu SHB


Roasted in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia 

Favourite To Win Medium Roast Coffee | Sunday Silence Coffee Co.

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  • Sunday Silence Coffee Co. is the roastery of the popular and beloved Mahone Bay coffee shop The Barn.


    Sunday Silence belives that great coffee starts with premium beans. Sourced from some of the best coffee producers in the world where collaboration occurs to provide fair and equal pay to farmers and workers. This coupled with thier Eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster, one of the most highly sought after and respected roasters in the world, Sunday Silence is able to create their amazing coffee at 80% less energy usage and emissions.


    "Our passion is to experience life below the surface of the busyness that often distracts us from what is most important. For us the best moments of solitude and reflection have always been connected to great coffee. And whether we are in those moments of reflection or on the go, we want the coffee we drink to make us stop in our tracks."