From Ben Loman to the Sea | Nimbus Publishing

Author: Lance Woolaver | Artist: Maud Lewis

-Format: Hardcover

-Pages: 32


Book Synopsis:

This is one of two unique books that delight both children and adults, combining the work of folk artist Maud Lewis with the poetry of Lance Woolaver. Each volume contains a narrative that complements the paintings; one follows the mail sleigh as it delivers Christmas packages; in the second, the reader sees through the eyes of a young man as he leaves his home, countryside, and town to go to sea. 

Both titles are treasures, the first books to celebrate the life and work of Maud Lewis, Nova Scotia’s most prominent folk artist. Now brought to readers in a new format that enhances the beauty of the art of Maud Lewis.


Nimbus Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.

From Ben Loman to the Sea: Maud Lewis | Nimbus Publishing

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