Gear Eater Necklace | Arcane Angel

Arcane Angel's peices are made using actual vintage mechanisms and time pieces dating anywhere from 1815-1940, which adds a playful mechanical element to the designs.

Many of the pressed pieces used are still stamped from the original molds created from the early 1800s-1940s. Sterling fill is done in the old style, giving each item a heavier silver surface than modern day counterparts making them far more durable.


Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gear Eater Necklace | Arcane Angel

SKU: 9178
  • Marina Smith has been an artist for over 30 years, achieving a fine level of craftsmanship over this time period and embracing many techniques. Her current work embodies a Victorian Retro-Futurism that is whimsical, lovely and unique. She is one of a handful of artisans working in this genre using high quality materials like sterling filled pieces as opposed to base metals alone.

    Each creation has a story to tell, all her works are one of and kind and unique.