Lavender Dryer Bag | Seafoam Lavender Co.

Toss this lavender-filled pouch into your dryer during the last 10 minutes of the drying cycle to add a light lavender scent to your clothes. Lasts approximately 5 cumulative hours, depending on dryer temperatures. Store dryer bag in a zip lock bag to prolong its lifespan. Dryer bags can be refreshed using our concentrated Lavender Essential Oil.


Alternate use: slide a dryer bag into your pillowcase. Customers tell us they find lavender helps them fall asleep.


Ingredients: unbleached cotton bag, lavender buds, sea salt, and lavender essential oil


Made in Seafoam (River John), Nova Scotia

Lavender Dryer Bag | Seafoam Lavender Co.

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  • Seafoam Lavender Co. is owned and operated by Dave, Suzy and Colin Belt.  Their Lavender journey began when Suzy was given the opportunity to take over her Grandmother's farm. Since the location of the farm was quite rural, they wanted to find a way to support themselves without having a crazy commute and no time to enjoy the farm.  

    They settled on growing Lavender and started out with 1000 plants. Today they have around 3000 plants and the farm is thriving. They even utilize local beehives in the summer and the use the bees wax and honey they produce in their products.


    "We are a small, family owned and operated agricultural business, dedicated to producing superior quality, direct-from-the-farm lavender products. Making great products is what we are passionate about. We are dedicated to producing products that improve your everyday life.  Our products are all-natural, made entirely with plant, mineral or apiary-derived ingredients. No synthetic ingredients of any kind.”