Marine Drive Magnet | Nova Scotia Scenic Drive Series | The Boathouse 

Bring a piece of Nova Scotia's iconic scenic routes into your home. A wonderful keepsake from a special trip or a memory of home to adorn your fridge, car, or other magnetic surface.

Size: 2" x 3"


About the Marine Drive:

The Marine Drive is a designated scenic route along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. It closely follows the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the Strait of Canso. The route sign depicts a fishermen and dory boat, which pays homage to the close proximity the route takes along the coast and the history of the area. 


Made in Tantallon, Nova Scotia

Marine Drive Magnet | Nova Scotia Scenic Drive Series | The Boathouse

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  • The Boathouse was born out of Anne Hooper's passion for creating and marriage of 3D design. A proud maritimer, she creates unique gifts and housewares with a special not to her east coast home from her seaside studio near the sandy shores of Nova Scotia.