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Melon Mug | Black Rock Collection | KG Ceramics

The Black Rock Pottery Series is inspired by the rocky shorelines of Nova Scotia. To create this body of work, KG Ceramics use a speckled black and grey clay and layer luscious, muted tone glazes to make reference to the Sky, Land and Ocean.

Each piece is diamond sanded on the bottom, ensureing your table top remains scratch free.


-Dishwasher Safe


Please Note: The Black Rock Clay has Iron deposits in it. This renders the items unsafe for the microwave.


Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Melon Mug | Black Rock Collection | KG Ceramics

SKU: 5177
  • Kaas Ghanie and Kate Grey wheel throw and hand build all of their pieces in K'jipuktuk/Halifax Nova Scotia.

    "Our pottery is created with a focus on kitchen and homeware. When engaged in conversation with our customers about the pottery they often appreciate the wholesomeness and familial approach taken in terms of surface decoration of the pots. "- KG Ceramics

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