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Microwave Bowl Cozy | Cape Breton Tartan | Cool Hand Nukes

This bowl cosy will quickly become your best friend, its like a potholder for your bowl. The insulation materials protect your hands from hot bowls as you carry them from the microwave, and guard surfaces against heat marks as you enjoy your meal. 

Microwave safe, so you can reheat your bowl in the cozy and not have to worry about burning your hands when removing your hot bowl. 

-Fits a standard bowl (6-8″ diameter)

-100% cotton, microwavable, & machine washable


Made in Nova Scotia

Microwave Bowl Cozy | Cape Breton Tartan | Cool Hand Nukes

SKU: 9695
  • Comfort, Safety, and Peace of mind... These are the values that inspired the creation of Cool Hand Nukes. 

    "The goal of Cool Hand Nukes is to make and sell, handmade microwave cozies that will protect vulnerable hands. To provide satisfying, honest work from home opportunities to those to would be helped by it. To create opportunities for fundraising for national health organizations like the Cancer Society, the Diabetes Foundation and Breast Cancer Research, as well as local charities."

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