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Nova Scotia Breeze | Foxy Candle Co.

-100% Soy Wax



Made in Charlottetown, PEI

Nova Scotia Breeze | Foxy Candle Co.

SKU: 2203
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • "A while back, I was selling my woodworking, tote bags and other items in an artisan’s cooperative store.

    A vendor selling hand-poured candles left, and took their candles with them. There was now a void to fill. I thought ‘how hard can this be?’.

    I headed for YouTube and found many how-to videos on candle making. It seemed like you needed the right equipment, quality products and an eye for accurate mixing. I used to work in a chemistry lab, so that part was second nature.

    Quickly decided to use soy wax as it is cleaner burning and a renewable resource, versus paraffin wax which is a petroleum product and produces more soot when burned."

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