One in a Melon- Card | Irony Arts

Each card is hand painted individually with love & a little bit of humour. They come blank so you can write your own message inside or frame them yourself! Each card has its own envelope wrapped in a plastic cover for protection.


Card Size: 6.5 x 5 inches

Materials: Plastic Cover, Envelope, Card, Watercolor Paper, Watercolor


Made in Moncton, New Brunswick

One in a Melon- Card | Irony Arts

SKU: #4473
  • Irony arts was started by watercolor artist Mathieu Hébert during the COVID-19 pandemic. If pun professional is a thing, this artist sure is one of them! As far as he can remember, Mathieu always had a thing for simple yet really boring jokes. The kind that makes you roll your eyes . The ones that are so not funny you end up laughing anyway.

    Being a self-taught artist since 2009, he combined two of his passions together to create a fun twist with his art.