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Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Maintenance Kit | Educated Beards

The perfect bundle.

Everything you require for maintaining your beard, with three full size products:

- 1x 30ml Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Oil.
- 1x 250ml Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Wash.
- 1x 100ml Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Butter.


Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Oil | 30m

Locks in moisture, eliminates flakes, dryness and itching. Renews, smoothes and conditions.


Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Wash | 250ml

Clean and vibrant beard and body wash for the educated man. Balanced cleansing,  eliminates odours, and removes unwanted dirt and bacteria. 


Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Butter | 100ml

Soften your beard making it more tame. Eliminates flakes, dryness and itching.


Made in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Peppermint Cedarwood Beard Maintenance Kit | Educated Beards

SKU: 1012
  • Educated Beards is the premium organic and holistic beard care & grooming company of Kevin Lebeouf and Alicia Philips.


    The company grew out of Kevin's need for a versatile line of premium and holistically safe beard care products.  With Alicia's background as a Holistic Nutritionist, word and demand for their expert formulations spread, it quickly became clear that their product needed to be shared with a larger audience. 


    Using the same premium, organic formulation originally perfected for Kevin, Educated Beards is the premier destination for luxury, holistic beard care and grooming essentials.