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Petal Earrings in Burgundy + Polished Copper | Aflame Creations

Colourful enameled copper jewelry, handmade with love!

These enameled copper teardrop earrings are 5/8" and hang on stainless steel kidney wires that hook in the back.


Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Petal Earrings in Burgundy + Polished Copper | Aflame Creations

SKU: 7898
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  • Aflame Creations creates colourful handmade enameled copper jewelry. Enamels are coloured glass powders melted onto copper in a kiln at 1500F. Each colour reacts differently in the kiln, creating subtle variations to every piece.

    Megan Archer lives in Nova Scotia, and designs and produces each item by hand. The collections are inspired by the dense forests, salty ocean waves and ever-changing skies at home, and by the colours and landscapes seen while traveling around the world.

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