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Author/Photographer: Damian Lidgard

-Format: Hardcover

-Pages: 102


Book Synopsis:

Sable Island, the “Wandering Sandbar,” has been the subject of enduring fascination, long known for its many shipwrecks and appreciated for its unique flora and fauna, particularly the beautiful and resilient wild horses that make the island their home. Sable Island also has the world’s single largest breeding colony of grey seals and is home to the Ipswich sparrow, which breeds only on the island. The ever-changing landscape of this island of sand, molded by the intense wind and rain of the Atlantic Ocean, produces natural formations stunning enough to rival some of the world’s most accomplished sculptors.

Sable Island includes over 100 stunning images by photographer Damian Lidgard, images that showcase this magnificent island in its rarely seen splendour. Damian is one of the few regular visitors to the island, and his photography is an expression of the island’s unique beauty.


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Sable Island | Nimbus Publishing

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  • Damian Lidgard is a zoologist and wildlife photographer who has been visiting Sable Island yearly since 1997. His photography has won awards, been featured in several publications, including the French magazine Thalassa, and has been exhibited at a number of art galleries. Visit him at