Summer Rose Soap | Anointment

Contains a combination of rose geranium, lavender and palmarosa oils to create a perfectly balanced rose scent that smells like wild roses – not grocery store bouquets.

Our most exfoliating soap! Wild Tantramar rose hips and virgin rose hip oil which is high in vitamins A, C, E, F and essential fatty acids noted to rejuvenate and repair scar tissue.



"On cool fall days in October I spend time on the Tantramar marsh to gather rosehips. With my breath hanging in the air and the sun low in the sky, the afternoon is spent enjoying the outdoors and preparing for the soap making days ahead."


Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate, Aqua, Glycerin, Rosa Rubginosa Seed, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Oil, Rosa Rubginosa Seed Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii*, Cymbopogon Martini Oil


(*Certified Organic Ingredient)


Made in Sackville, New Brunswick

Summer Rose Soap | Anointment

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  • In 2002 Anointment was born on principles of natural living and environmental responsibility in a basement workshop in Halifax.

    After finding a new home with owner April MacKinnon in a natural parenting store she owned, Anointment began a five-year rebranding project after moving to Sackville, New Brunswick, a small town on the windswept Tantramar Marshes in 2011, where they continue to make everything by hand.


    Using traditional herbal knowledge combined with scientific evidence as the basis of their formulations to promote wellness and environmental sustainability. 


    Anointment Natural Skincare:

    • Whole, organic ingredients
    • Certified cruelty free
    • Locally grown and wildcrafted ingredients
    • Small batches
    • Natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils
    • Glass packaging, avoiding plastic where possible, and promoting recyclable/reusable packaging