The Coffee Addict | Gift Set

This is for those of us who have commited to a life of caffeination, and are completly okay with it... Enjoy your morning coffee without any regrets. 


Items included:

-Morning Light Mug | Old Barn Pottery

-Roasted Maple Wooden Coffee Scoop | PEI Wooden Spoon Co.

-Classic Coaster- The Jennifer | Forest Home

-Anchored Coffee


Anchored Coffee Roast Options

-Figurehead | Medium

-Nighthawk | Dark

-Mexico, Las Cotorras | Espresso

-Cannon | Espresso 

-Buzz Lite | Half Decaf

-Two if by Sea Blend 


Need a card? 

-We have a wonderful selection of Cards


100% of the items in this gift set are made in Nova Scotia and PEI!

The Coffee Addict | Old Barn Pottery | Gift Set

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