The Essential Backpack- Terracotta | Fibres of Life

A functional and fashionable bag, with multiple pockets, and naturally sourced leather accents. 

-Designed in Nova Scotia

-Hand crafted with Napali fair trade artisans.


By working together with fair trade association, artisans benefit from things like a respectful wage, heatlh supports, a green workplace, a children's education allowance and so much more!


A proud Nova Scotia Company supporting fair trade.

The Essential Backpack- Terracotta | Fibres of Life

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  • Jenn Pullin was inspired to found Fibers of Life after her work in Kathmandu, Nepal. "While my main motivation and passion with Fibres of Life has been to be a part of an international collaboration to support social and environmental development, this project has called on myself, and those who I work with, in unexpected, and often, deliciously surprising ways. We strive for color, whimsy and intelligent design that people will WANT and will be moved to think about intentionality and to care. 

    Fair trade products have taught me that beauty inspires. Beautiful, ethical products just look different – smart – edgy – pushing for more.