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The Painted Province: Nova Scotia Through an Artist's Eyes | Nimbus Publishing

Author: Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

-Format: Paperback

-Pages: 116


Book Synopsis:

In this collection of paintings from the various regions of Nova Scotia, the artist lets the reader see the province from a new perspective.


“I gain a strong sense of interconnectedness and belonging when I look at her work. There is a universality and humanity Joy finds every time.” —Sheree Fitch 

Since 1972, Joy Laking has lived and painted in Nova Scotia, capturing beauty in watercolours, oils, and acrylics in many locations. She sees beauty in both the usual and the unusual. The Painted Province lets the reader see Nova Scotia through an artist’s eyes. 


Here, Joy has grouped some of her favourite paintings into forty regions, each with her personal commentary. In each of the regions, one of the images will have its GPS coordinates. You are encouraged to bring this book along in your travels to find some of the places where she created paintings. When you discover the exact spot, please take a photo. Then email it to her and she will post it on her website. 

Joy constantly finds ways to enhance her own creativity. Every year, she paints in unfamiliar countries, such as Bolivia, Ghana, India, and Sri Lanka, to return home to see Nova Scotia through fresh eyes. Joy has also written a play, children’s books, articles about rural life, and work for the CBC.


Nimbus Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.

The Painted Province: Nova Scotia Through an Artist's Eyes | Nimbus Publishing

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  • The daughter of an artist, Joy Laking studied art at university and has lived and painted professionally in Nova Scotia for the past forty-seven years. She has had national solo exhibitions of her paintings, including one at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. She has also exhibited internationally. Joy paints in watercolours, oils, and acrylics. She received The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Halifax Woman of Excellence Award.

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