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Thrum Mitts | Northern Watter Knitwear

Warm and Durable, our mittens are knit by a group of skilled knitting grandmothers, in their homes, using traditional methods and patterns with the full compliment of available yarns. 

Ultra warm English Rib knit and British Worsted Wool exterior with unique luxuriant Merino roving lining inside and a loose cuff.

-Yarn and Thrum colors are unique to every mitt! 


Made in Prince Edward Island

Thrummed Mitts - Primary Colours + Stripes | NWK

SKU: 3071
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • Northern Watters Knitwear is a Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island based company focused on quality knitwear. Bill and Wanda Watters support dozens of knitters throughout the province, and their wools are of superior quality.

    -"Home" of the 100% British Wool Sweaters and Accessories, knit on antique Swiss Dubied Knitting Looms.

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