Titanic Halifax | Nimbus Publishing

Author: Rob Gordon & Alan Jeffers

-Format: Paperback

-Pages: 110


Book Synopsis:

Titanic Halifax presents the dramatic stories of those who didn’t survive the sinking, and details the efforts made from Halifax to gather and bury the dead. This guidebook includes accounts of the “Unknown Child” controversy, details on Halifax’s role in storing and maintaining Titanic artifacts, and the city’s participation in Titanic, the movie. This pocket guide includes maps and photographs of the city’s many Titanic sites. A perfect companion while discovering the places where Titanic’s ghosts roam. Updated edition with the latest findings and information.


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Titanic Halifax | Nimbus Publishing

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  • Rob Gordon is an international broadcast journalist who specializes in defense issues. He makes his home in Halifax and researches the Titanic, and his family's connections to the disaster, as a hobby.