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Wooden Wall Stars | Pufferbellies

Carved with love and passion by the ever talented Kathi Petersen. No two are ever the same!

These little wall stars are great to add a pop of colour to any space. 

-Size: Approx 8-9"


Made in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Wooden Wall Stars | Pufferbellies

SKU: 3510
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • Kathi Petersen has been carving since her dad taught her as a child. Her love grew into the amazing Pufferbellies works she creates today.  

    "Each Pufferbellies item is drawn, cut out, carved by hand with knives, sanded and painted by me. And I love making every single piece! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do this for a living!!". 

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