Kiln Art Sea Life

6"x12" Tray $95 "Pickerel"

Product Description

Chester Basin, Nova Scotia

Using layers of crushed glass, Sharon McNamara of Kiln Art, brings to life these fabulous fish. Using encyclopedic imagery, Sharon creates ever fish imaginable. Each piece is hand signed complete with what species of fish. Meant to be used, these dishes make everything you serve look more scrumptious. When they're not being used, put them on display for a true conversation piece.

Sizes: Sharon makes these dishes in many different shapes and sizes. Everything from trays, servers, bowls, and plates. If there is a size you have in mind, she probably makes it. We're always happy to send you ideas and prices.

Looking for a specific fish? We can get it for you! Simply send us a message with the name of the fish you would like, and we'll do our best to get it for you.

Artist: Kiln Art

A glass artist for more than 25 years, Sharon, a self-taught glass artist, has...