Aflame Creations

'Folk' pendant with insect charm on 18 inch copper plated chain $38.50 each. Approximately 1 inch wide.

Product Description

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Megan Archer designs her jewellery by drawing from what inspires her in everyday life... the beautiful forests and magnificent atlantic ocean, sea creatures and feathered critters, the sacred geometry found in nature, beautiful messages and secrets, and Victorian styles.  

What is "Copper Enameling"?  It is the art of applying coloured glass powder to copper, then firing it in a kiln, causing the glass to melt and become permanently fused to the metal.

Note: Each design is applied by hand using various techniques.  The enamel colours all react differently in the kiln to create subtle variations, so each piece will be unique.

Artist: Aflame Creations

Hello, my name is Megan Archer. The designs, colors and images in my jewellery are drawn from what inspires me in life...