Plum and Posey

Lion pendant $90.00, sterling silver, approximately 1/2 inch wide

Product Description

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Plum and Posey is handcrafted jewellery by designer Adrinna Hardy.

Pendants are created from casts of antique was seals chosen from Adrinna's treasured collection. They celebrate the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the past and the deep and complex meanings of the seals.  Evoking feelings such as hope, courage, strenght and inspiration through her wearable art.

Crafted from a blend of Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver) and .999FS (99.9% pure silver), then oxidized and hand polished to achieve an aged look.

Care:  Since the pendants have been oxidized by hand, with wear the raised areas will remain shiny, while the recessed areas may become darker.  Therefore cleaning is not necessarry, and all jewellery cleaners and polishes should be avoided.

Note: Pendants are sold without chains, however we do have chains available for 12.00 each

Artist: Plum and Posey

"From my studio on Canada's beautiful east-coast, I offer my collection of Jewellery, lovingly handcrafted from my large personal collection of antique wax seals. Some of which date back to medieval times."