Ladybug Haven Pottery

Ladybug large dip dish $48.00

Product Description

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Ladybug Haven studio was created by owner and designer Angela Reid. This beautiful ceramic pottery is crafted in moulds and then whimsically handpainted with Ladybug designs.  All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Note: Where each piece is hand painted, no two are going to be identical.  That is the beauty of handcrafted pottery! If you are interested in a piece, we would be happy to send you a picture of the ones we currently have on hand.

Artist: Ladybug Haven Pottery

"We love all things Ladybug, here at Ladybug Haven. We produce hand-painted pottery featuring a wide selection of Ladybug designs. We make our own pottery & paint each piece with vibrant colours."