MacKinley Pottery 'Woodshade'

Woodshade mugs, short 34.00 tall 39.00

Product Description

Frederiction, New Brunswick

This beautiful mossy green pottery is accented by red botanical patterns created using a Sgraffito technique. Megan's 'Woodshade' pottery line is handthrown Stoneware and is dishwasher and oven safe.  

Note: Sgraffito (in Italian to scratch) is a pottery decorating technique produced by applying layers of colour to pottery and then scratching off parts of those layers to create contrasting images, patterns or textures revealing different colours underneath.

Artist: Megan MacKinley

Megan started out with dreams of going into animation, but had always loved the aspect of creating things in 3D. All it took was one pottery class and she was hooked!