Daryl Wasson

Garlic Boards $18.50 each aprox 5x8 inches

Product Description

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

These beautiful cutting boards are designed and handcrafted by artisan Daryl Wasson. Each board is unique, with Daryl creating different patterns using offcuts of local and exotic hardwoods. Easy to care for, just wipe clean with warm soapy water and towel dry.  Refurbish as needed with beeswax or mineral oil. Meant to be used and enjoyed.

Note: Since each board is created and desgined with the materials Daryl has at the time, no two are going to be alike.  What are pictured here are just examples. If you are interested in a particular board, please contact the store and we can send you pictures of what is currently avaialble.

Artist: Daryl Wasson

Daryl has been proudly working with wood for a living since 2002. He designs and handcrafts each piece himself from local and exotic hardwoods.