Laughing Brook Boxes

This box is aprox 3.5 inches long x 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Made from Louro Preto with inlays of Ebony. Lid is removable. 40.00

Product Description

Tatamaqouche, Nova Scotia

These beautiful keepsake boxes are designed and created by wood artisan Tam Flemming.  The wood used for each box is ethically sourced and is often from reclaimed pieces.  Each box comes with it's own card indicating the types of wood it has been created with.  Please note: each box is unique and what is pictured here are examples of Tam's work. Please contact us to find out what is currently available.

Artist: Laughing Brook Boxes

In 1984 Tam Flemming started working on items for his own business taking commissions for furniture, boats, etc. The boxes he creates are a passion project for him and something to keep his hands busy between larger commissions. He enjoys the fact that he can pick and choose the projects he works on and can persue his passion of working with wood!