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Canada Lullaby | Glen Margaret Publishing

Author: P.L. McCarron | Artist: Joy Steuerwald

-Format: Board Book

-Pages: 18


The highly anticipated new addition to the best-selling series, Canada Lullaby celebrates the breathtaking beauty of this country, combining gorgeous paintings with a soothing ballad.


The national best-seller, Newfoundland and Labrador Lullaby that produced two new siblings in 2014 - Nova Scotia Lullaby and Prince Edward Island Lullaby - produced two more for 2015- Alberta Lullaby and Hanukkah Lullaby. In 2016 the Ontario Lullaby was published and in 2018 the Canada Lullaby. These books are loving tributes to the provinces and the holiday. They combine gorgeous illustrations with a soothing ballad that can be heard by following a link on the outside cover.


Glen Margaret Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.

Canada Lullaby | Glen Margaret Publishing

SKU: 6524
  • Glen Margaret Publishing was established in 1999 to provide publishing services to writers, book publishers, government and the business community. 
    "We provide Canadians, especially Atlantic Canadians, with some of the best books available."

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