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Compact Carry-All in Midnight Floral | Yellow Petal Handmade


-Removable wrist strap can be used as a keychain!
-Structured to remain upright when open…that's handy!
-Specially sized to accomodate brushes
(both make-up & hair), chopsticks, colored pencils or a reusable straw!
-Fully lined & fully washable.


Handmade in Upper Tantallon, NS

Compact Carry-All in Midnight Floral | Yellow Petal Handmade

SKU: 8349
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • "Yellow Petal Handmade" is proudly owned by artist Penelope St-Laurent who lives in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia.  

    "I strive to be environmentally responsible and am mindful in my designs and the fabrics that I choose, therefore I use only natural fabrics like 100% cotton, linen blends and occasionally cotton canvas."

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