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Doodle By Number | Doodle Lovely

Doodle by Number anxiety relief journal is the FIRST of its kind in the world. It presents a unique approach to mindfulness, creativity, motivation, and self-care among all self-help books for women and men.

Do you need a creative activity to enhance your imagination, uplift your mood, refresh your mind and promote your wellbeing?


Simply pick up a pen and calm the chaos. This guided journal has the power to lift your weariness, divert thoughts of worry, shift anxieties and indulge yourself with a fun and relaxing pastime.


Every activity also includes an inspirational quote to help brighten your day and remind you why you said ‘yes’. Take five minutes a day for you!


Desgined in Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Doodle By Number | Doodle Lovely

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  • Melissa Lloyd is the creative mind and artist behind Doodle Lovely, a Hubbards, Nova Scotia company. 


    After moving back to the East Coast of Canada from her job at a high-profile design company in London, UK, Melissa had two beautiful children and continued her design work. However, she hit a wall, not literally, but internally. Thats when she discovered the calming and creative act of doodling.


    Doodle Lovely's goal is to provide creative practices for the betterment of mind, body and soul. To find purpose in all that we do and unleash the full potential of your creativity.
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