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Good Energy Crystal + Botanical Candle | Citrine | Wicca Waves

Citrine is a bright uplifting stone of optimism, courage, and self-confidence. Choose your own path and harness sunny days to come.

-5oz wood wick soy candle

Crystal: Citrine

Botanicals: Calendula + Safflower

Scent: Citrus, Tonka + Vanilla


Candle Inspiration:

A joyful Candle to help you choose your own path and have the confidence to do so by harness the sunny days within yourself and simmer them to the surface with an extra little boost from the Clear Quartz seated alongside to act as an Amplifier. Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" 


About the Crystal:

Citrine is a stone of self-confidence, courage, and individuality. It has a very bright and uplifting energy as it possesses healing properties of the

sun. It is believed to assist one in manifesting prosperity, success, and abundance into their life. It is effective in treating depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem by helping one remain in the present moment. It helps one look to the future with hope, excitement, and optimism.

Element: Fire

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral


Jennifer's Exclusive Collaboration

Made in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Good Energy Crystal + Botanical Candle | Citrine | Wicca Waves

SKU: 5482
  • Stephany Pinhorn is the artist behind Wicca Waves, a small Cape Breton based company specialized in crystal and botanical adorned candles. With strong Celtic roots, Stephany has a deep passion for her roots, preserving and learning more about the Scottish crafts and cultures. 


    "I formed Wicca Waves in the height of the pandemic in November 2020, and got really into my spirituality more during this time. 

    Every candle I make is all naturally sourced with nature findings from all over the island and Canada. They are made all by hand and I started using crystals in my personal practice and then eventually incorporated them into my candles. I noticed there was a community that could relate to me and since then I have made so many connections with people I work with in this field." -Wicca Waves

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