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Great White Shark Hand Stitching Kit | Rita Van Tassel

Sleek, strong and found throughout the world's oceans the Great White Shark sits at the top of the ocean's food chain. It is perhaps for that reason that it is also so misunderstood. This kit will allow you to create a hand-held version of this elegant creature, complete with defined teeth.


Finished Size: approx. 10" x 5" (25cm x 13cm).



Difficulty Level: Beginner

- recommended for ages 10 and up.


Kit Contains:

 - step-by-step photo illustrated instructions,

-  paper pattern pieces

- sheets of wool blend felt

  -vinyl for teeth

  -pair of 7mm safety eyes

  -embroidery floss

   -needle and pins.


*Stuffing is not included as the finished piece is easy to stuff using scraps of felt or fabric cut into small bits, cotton balls as well as traditional stuffing. 



Made in Nova Scotia

Great White Shark Hand Stitching Kit | Rita Van Tassel

SKU: 3153
  • Rita Van Tassel is the artist and designer behind these beautiful hand stitching kits. Her whimsical designs are well known in local artist community, and Jennifer's is honoured to feature her kits in our store.


    "Craft and design have always played key roles in my life, from the time I received a Crayola Caddy for Christmas through to my formal education at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and subsequent years as an Art teacher. Understanding how others learn and wanting to encourage creativity and skill-building has been a common theme through most of my employment history, and Rita Van Tassel Studio is truly a culmination of all my years of experience."- Rita Van Tassel

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