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If I Had an Old House on the East Coast | Nimbus Publishing

Authors: Wanda Baxter | Artist: Kat Frick Miller

-Format: Hardcover

-Pages: 64


Book Synopsis:

If I had an old house on the East Coast I would fall in love at first sight. 
It would grab me by the heart, and not let go.

With introspection and deep appreciation for the East Coast, this inspirational gift book shares a dream, in words and images, of falling in love with an old house and breathing new life into it. Exploring, with lyrical prose, everything from an old house’s foundation to its layers of antique wallpaper to its decades-old gardens bursting with wildflowers, this lyrical book is a love letter to a vanishing way of life. Fully illustrated with gentle watercolours from celebrated local artist Kat Frick Miller, If I Had an Old House on the East Coastalso includes practical tips for the old-home-owner, from how to clear your home of ghosts to instructions for making rosehip jelly and maple syrup.


Nimbus Publishing is a proud Nova Scotia publisher.

If I Had an Old House on the East Coast | Nimbus Publishing

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  • Kat Frick Miller is an artist and freelance illustrator originally from Brampton, Ontario. She received a BFA in Visual Art from NSCAD University in 2009. Her work reveals a deep connection to place, exploring local architecture, social history, and the objects, spaces, and practices that constitute rural life. She can be found on the beach, on the farm, or on the wharf soaking up the whimsy of her adopted home of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

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