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Italian 9 Spice | 65g | Rub That Rubs

This salt free, spice blend brings together the aromas and flavors used in a variety of dishes in Italy. It compliments lasagna, pasta, sauces, meatballs and pizza. 

Try it in dough recipes for Fococcia's and Bagels.

- Blended locally

- No added MSG

- Dairy free and gluten free

- Nut free and soy free

- No fillers or artificial flavors


A little goes a long way. By using only the best ingredients you do not have to use a lot of seasoning to get the entire flavor you would expect from your meal.


Ingredients: cracked pepper, minced onion, minced garlic, oregano, basil, celery seed, fennel seed, anise seed, red chili flakes. 


Made in Bedford, Nova Scotia

Italian 9 Spice | Seasoning + Spices | Rub That Rubs

SKU: 9255
  • Rub that RUBS believes that convenience should not be bad for you. Lori Ahrens, a chef and creater behind the brand, does her best to make seasoning food and meal preparation easy with her spice blends. 

    These carefully blended in small batch gourmet spices create dishes that celebrate global flavours with ease, without artificial flavors or fillers. 

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