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NS Lobster Pewter Keychain | Basic Spirit

These pewter keychains are handcrafted from pewter by the artists at Basic Spirit. The sturdy ring keeps keys together securely, and holds up well through daily wear-and-tear.


Made in Pugwash, Nova Scotia

NS Lobster Pewter Keychain | Basic Spirit

SKU: 8105
  • Basic Spirit is a homegrown compnay located in the seaside village of Pugwash, Nova Scotia. With a love of crating gifts that thouch the heart and delight the spirit, they use traditional methods of pewtersmithing with high quality, lead free metal. 


    "Maybe it's th daily ebb and flow of our tides that renews our hope for peach in ourselves and in our world. We join other individuals and businesses in celebrating the privilege we have to help foster a healthy and loving world." 10% of profits fund charitable projects!

  • Modern day pewter is a metal alloy composed of at least 90% tin with smaller amounts of other metals – most commonly copper, bismuth and/or silver. It has a low melting point and may be used as a molten liquid for casting or rolled into thin sheets for fabrication. It is lead free and is safe for use.


    Pewter Care

    Wash your pewter in warm soap & water and towel dry. Use of a dishwasher is not recommended. A pewter cleaner may be used occasionally. We do not recommend storing food in pewter & contact with direct sources of heat, such as a stove or open flame, are to be avoided.

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